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Step 1: Sign Up

Simply sign up with our form below to get enrolled into the no-risk program. Any person or business can sign up and get approved no matter the size of their following! Once enrolled, a representative will reach out to arrange shipping for FREE Cozlow products. The products given are yours to keep and promote!

Step 2: Promote Us

After you receive the free products, we suggest using them to make social media content that will help you promote and generate your income. You will receive a custom 10% off coupon code for your customers to help us track your sales, and you will earn 15% of ALL revenue generated from your coupon. Make sure to use your custom coupon code during promotions to ensure you get credit for purchases!

Step 3: Make Money

You will make a 15% commission for all revenue generated through your custom coupon code! You don’t have to worry about following a schedule or a contract, it’s completely risk-free on your part. After the sales roll in, we will notify you when your commissions are ready! No strings attached. Feel free to check out our FAQ or contact us here if you have any other questions.

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Nope! Doesn't matter whether you have a big or small social media following, sign up with the form above to get started today.

We track each particpants involvement in the program with a custom coupon code that also gives your affiliated customers a 10% off discount. When a sale is made we will know and contact you when your first payout is ready!

Hands down the best way to generate sales with your following is by creating custom content demonstrating our products. The quality of the content doesn't have to be outstanding to get sales, it is important that you showcase how to use our products and why people should want it. Our highest paid influencers claim that being genuine in your content and consistent with your posts, is by far the best way to generate sales often.

There is no contracts and no risk on your part! If you do get sales, you get paid your comission on the payout date. If you don't get sales, that is also totally fine. Either way you will get free products that are yours to keep!

You will get paid 15% of all revenue generated from your custom code and your customers will receive a 10% off discount by using your code! Payouts are automatically disbursed on the 1st of every month.