Complete Fascia Massaging Kit Instructions

Rearrange Your Fascia Tissue!
1. Start the process by using the Celubrush (Round Tool) for 2 minutes daily per targeted area. Use the brush wet with water, or with anti-cellulite cream to reduce friction. It is important that you do not rub the skin too hard. Apply moderate pressure, and brush the skin outward. With proper technique, the brush will start rearranging your fascia structure by breaking up the large fat cells underneath the skin.

2. Once the large fat cells have been massaged, you will continue the treatment by using the FasciaTwist, the long stick roller. The FasciaTwist works by continuing the flow of blood while toning the muscle underneath. To use the Fascia Twist properly, apply moderate pressure and consistently roll the targeted area for another 3 minutes daily. If the tool feels rough, we recommend rolling over a damp cloth or with cellulite cream. If bruising occurs, stop using the tool until the bruising goes away then resume the process with light pressure.
3. To finish off the treatment, you will use the Myorelease. Use it for 3 minutes daily, dry, wet, or over a damp cloth on the targeted area with moderate pressure to feel the deep tissue release. The MyoRelease tool works by giving a deep tissue massage to further rearrange fascia tissue structure.

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