Cozlow™ 6-in-1 Rehabilitation Hand Therapy Kit


  • Everlasting Effect – Say goodbye to chronic hand pain and weak strength. Consistent use daily, will yield lasting results.
  • Multi Use Kit – Our 6-in-1 kit calms the effects of arthritis, reduces stiffness, increases hand strength, increases circulation, and eases joint pain.
  • Recovery, ADHD, and Arthritis – The kit is perfect for those trying to relieve pain and recover hand/finger strength. It can work for a variety of people, from professional athletes to everyday people looking to keep their hands relaxed!
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An affordable tool kit to provide rapid therapy for finger and hand pain, strength, and relief. The 6-in-1 Hand & Finger Therapy kit is used to stretch fingers as well as exercise hands to target arthritis in hand joints, diabetic numbness, pain from carpal tunnel, and many more concerns. Simply squeeze and use the different gadgets to stimulate nerves, and relieve discomfort.

✔ Key Benefits

Our 6-in-1 kit effectively targets pain while also providing a number of other benefits. It improves blood circulation, reduces stiffness of joints, and eases arthritis pain. It has been shown to be effective in reducing both acute and chronic hand pain.

✔ Designed For Comfort

The kit is designed to effectively increase/rehabilitate hand strength & relieve pain, which is the key to rehabilitating faster. The complete kit consists of 2 Massage Balls, 2 Finger Stretchers, and 2 Hand Strengthners to make your recovery easy!

✔ Try it Risk-Free with Guarantee Backed by Amazon

We are confident in the design and easy use of our products. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will provide a full refund backed by the Amazon guarantee. Try it today for relief from pain & sore muscles!

What’s Included?

2 Massage Balls, 2 Finger Stretchers, and 2 Hand Strengthners made by COZLOW.

Weight .49 lbs
Dimensions 1.85 × 5.75 × 4.57 in




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