3 in 1 Muscle Scraper Set Instructions

First Pick The Tool & Muscle
Start by picking the tool you would like to use, and the desired muscle that feels sore or tense that you would like to use the tool on. The handle shaped metal tool is best for muscles that curve such as the thighs, calves, hamstrings etc. The long curved tool is best for flat or wider muscles such as the back, chest, hips, and more. Lastly, the small double peak tool is used best for smaller muscles including the forearms, neck, hands, fingers, and ankles.

Begin Massaging Your Soft Tissue
After you pick the tool and the desired area, you will begin by scraping the muscle back and forth. Scrape in a 2-3 inch area back and forth while following the contour of the muscle before proceeding to another part of the muscle. The goal is to continue scraping until the outer layer of skin becomes red or until the muscle feels a sense of relief. Don't be alarmed by the redness, it is formed by capillaries under your skin breaking apart and forming something called petechia, which means you are doing the massage effectively. A typical session lasts 10 minutes or so, and be sure to give yourself a couple days to relax in between sessions before doing it again. Stop the process at anytime if you notice anything abnormal and contact us if you have any questions.

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