Liposuction Massage Roller Instructions

Our liposuction massage roller is best for post-operations and reducing the effects on skin from surgeries through a technique called Lymphatic Drainage. Postsurgical Lymphatic Drainage is a very gentle form of massage that is used increase the movement in your lymphatic system, which carries toxins away from the tissue and back towards the heart.
It is important to keep in mind that post operation lymphatic drainage is not a deep tissue massage and should feel comfortable when received properly.
Liposuction Roller Living Room
Use the roller with gentle pressure as the movements should only affect the layer of skin and not the muscles underneath. Begin using the roller on the operated area and very slowly roll the tool away from you toward the nearest lymphatic nodes (shown in the graph below), repeating the strokes just 2-3 times.
Lymphatic Node Chart
Credits: KenHub
Repeat this process 2x per day for 5-10 minutes untill you feel the lympahtic drainage.

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