MyoRelease Lymphatic Tool Instructions

Multi-Use Tool
The tool can be used for a lymphatic massage and for massaging fascia tissue, the only difference is how you use the tool!
For a Lymphatic Massage, you will want to relax your hands and muscles in the desired location. Use the tool with gentle pressure as the movements should only affect the layer of skin and not the muscles underneath. Begin using the tool on your upper body first and very slowly roll the tool downward away from you with gentle pressure, repeating the strokes just 2-3 times. Next for the lower body, you will begin using the tool on the inner legs and roll outward toward the hip also repeating the strokes 2-3 times. For both the upper and lower body, it is very important to do this process slowly and with gentle pressure. Repeat this process every 5 days till you comfortable, then you may do it as needed.

For a Fascia Massage, we recommend using the tool once a day for 5-10 minutes or until you start to feel an increase in blood flow. Roll the end of the tool in a back and forth motion while applying medium pressure. Use the tool dry, over a wet cloth, or with anti-cellulite lotion on the targeted area. Roll firmly within your comfort level.

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