What is Fascia?

Have you ever been preparing raw meat and come across a weird, white, transparent layer that looks like skin between the fat and muscle?

That’s called fascia and all animals have it, even us!

Fascia is a system of tissue that surrounds our muscles and organs to keep them in place and reduce friction.

It’s the reason why your muscles stay attached to your bones and your organs stay in place!

Fascia has become something of a fascination to researchers and physical therapists because, until recently, it was thought of as a passive tissue. Have you ever wondered why your muscles knot up and become sore?

That’s right, you’ve found the culprit. Fascia is a very thin, yet strong layer that must bend and twist with our muscles, so, when it becomes unhealthy, it gets sticky and clumpy and even restricts your body because your muscles can’t move as well as they should.

It can make your muscles knot and reduce your flexibility.