Wood Therapy Results & What You Can Expect!

Wood therapy is a popular massage technique with a variety of benefits including body contouring, breaking down fat, reducing the appearance of cellulite, and moving the flow of blood.

With the rise of attention to the wonderful benefits that wood therapy brings, lots of people are naturally curious about what wood therapy can do for them, and the realistic results they can expect.

Below we detailed realistic results achieved through wood therapy and what it took to achieve them so you can get a better understanding of what it takes. It is important to keep in mind that everyone has a different body type and shape, so results will vary!

Nonetheless, here are real results achieved from wood therapy:

Results After Just 1 Session

As you can see in the image below, this client got amazing results with just 1 wood therapy session!

It's important to notice the decrease in bloating and the "restructured" look around the stomach. In addition, the hips appear slightly more curvey, which makes this is a great example of what wood therapy tools can do.

Results After 3 Sessions

This client was able to get great results with only 3 wood therapy sessions while taking month-long breaks in between each session! The stomach, back, and thighs have an amazing shape and look more toned.

Also, this proves that you can use wood therapy tools less often if you chose and still get fantastic results. However, as mentioned in our blog "How Effective is Wood Therapy?":

"To be effective, the tools must be used properly with the right technique and used consistently to see longer-lasting results."

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Results After 4 Sessions

Last but not least, this client got life-changing results after 4 wood therapy sessions. Take a look at the hips and back, it looks more toned and defined as well as the skin looks smoother.

All of these examples show how wood therapy can work effectively for a variety of people, and the different body types!

How Can I Get The Same Results?

Here are detailed steps to help you achieve similar results with wood therapy like the ones shown above:

- Buy a high-quality wood therapy tool kit with multiple tools to help you with the wood therapy process.

- Choose if you are going to do it yourself or have someone help you. If you do it by yourself or with a family member at home, it is very important that you use the tools correctly to get effective results.

Be sure to read our instructions on how to use wood therapy tools to get a firm understanding of each tool.

- Use the tools consistently for at least a few months or until you get the desired results. You can take relatively long breaks in between sessions but it is best to do it from time to time for maintenance purposes.

- To expedite your results it is suggested to drink lots of water, exercise, and get light massages that are less vigorous than the process used with wood therapy.

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